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We're back in business. Everything you need to know.

Heya folks!

Just in time for DC's own, controversial reboot, Babs and I have decided to reboot our own little community! Over the past few years we've all sort of got caught up in the unforgiving clench of the real world and grown apart, but here we are together again. And we're gonna rock the DC universe like Geoff Johns and Jim Lee never could!

Unfortunately there's a few gaps that need to be filled by members we could bring back. Such as my protege and his team. We love them, we miss them, but again the void must be filled. So take note of any characters we don't have. If you know somebody who can write on our level and accurately portray said character, give their contact information to O or myself and we'll see what we can swing.

Okay! So. Here's the story idea we're thinking to use as the grand opening to our refurbished group.

Little bit of prologue - 

---It's been two years since Bruce Wayne was believed to be killed by DarkSeid. For the majority of that duration, Dick Grayson has been operating as Batman in Gotham City. His intent is obviously to keep the legend and fear of Batman alive on the streets. Most of the world doesn't really see the transition because of the shadowy nature in which Batman has always operated. His allies obviously are aware that he's carrying the mantle. But more importantly, the enemies who've been there for just as long and know them on a borderline personal level, have been growing suspicious for a long time. For the most part, they're unable to put their finger on what exactly is different about Batman but they're certain it's there.

Calculator; being the overall mastermind of the Society, and having the necessary resources at his disposal: has spent long days and nights reviewing all the footage of the 'new' Batman and comparing it to other heroes in the DC Universe in a hellbent effort to expose the fraud and claim his domination over Gotham after revealing the absence of its true protector. Its taken considerable wear on him because of just how much effort it takes to comb through the past decade of the superhero activity and compare fighting styles, dialogue usage, and any other form of personal recognition to the little existing information of this one figure. However, he's getting close. And he knows it.---

Okay! That's the prologue. That's the mood to which this story will be set and the world in which we exist up to now. After that, everything is left open to your personal interpretation as writers who are building this story with us. The only real 'outline' we have for the story is the following:

--It'll start off with myself as Batman overlooking the city, reminiscing over all that has occurred [a sort of in-story-prologue kind of thing to set the mood for everybody] and I'll have some doubt and depression over everything.

--Kal drops in on me out of nowhere, gives one of his usual inspirational talks of overcoming obstacles.

--Calc has his initial "Look at me, I'm an evil dick" post where I GUESS he gets to figure out that Nightwing is the Batman substitute. 

--And then it goes into the real body of the story. All of the above is pretty much just intro and mood setting. The only thing we planned after that is at some point towards the end, the heroes are getting our asses handed to us and suddenly Bruce Wayne...Batman...makes his big return.

What do you guys say? Sound like a hell of a way to bring back the group? I hope everybody is as excited for this as we are, because we're in for a hell of a story.

Dan Didio, eat your heart out.

--D. Grayson
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