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Fundamentals of Livejournal RP

After taking it into consideration, I've realized this transition to journal-based roleplaying is probably a bit of a strange concept for some of you. And being the Oracle that I am, it is my job to make sure you are all well informed and understand what is going on.

Y'all can dig, right? *winks*

So if you have a few minutes to read this over, hopefully I can clarify and answer some of the questions that keep coming up.

I. How it Works
a. Lingo
b. The Personal Entry
c. The Main Plot
d. Sub-Plots
II. Posting
a. Personal Journal
b. Community Journals
c. How to post an entry
III. Replying
a. Personal Journals
b. Community Journals
IV. LJ Tags

I. How it Works

For as foreign of a concept as journal RPing may seem, there's really nothing to it! Well, once you understand the basics of it anyway.

In a lot of ways, this is very similar to your forum-based roleplaying, except you have your own “bubble” or personal space. That personal space that you have is your own personal character blog.


There are a few new terms that you guys should be aware about while in this little hub. The most important is “mun.”

The term “Mun” is a suffix that is tacked on behind the player’s character. Mun being the “maintainer” of the character journal.

For example. I would be called Oracle-mun. And that would be used to describe the person behind the character—So as not to confuse anyone between the character and person divide when speaking on an OOC level. It also helps when you’re not comfortable with giving a second name to others.

The second term, I’m sure you all are already knowledgeable about. And that is “Nexus”. The term Nexus basically describes a void that interlinks all multi-verses into one existence. Usually the setting can be viewed as a giant bar setting or a club or... just a generalized white space with endless possibilities. The events in a Nexus setting do not and should not have effect on you/your character when you come back to this “realm.” The Nexus is a completely different area that may or may not pop up for you guys. It will come to surface if you go out of our small community and do some individual exploring for other players that you may wish to encounter.

If you don’t plan on being adventurous, you really won’t have worry about the Nexus. However, if you’re curious, I can show you around. *smirks*

The Personal Entry

Personal character entries can basically consist of anything you wish. It could be anything that may come to up in a character’s day-to-day existence or the start of a small sub plot that you want to tack into your character’s existence.

It must be known that even though our resident super villains will have able access to read your personal entries, it is important that they DO NOT use any of that information against you in a post.

For instance:

If Batman and Joker are friends and Joker-mun reads Batman’s post (notice how I’m using the term “mun” to describe the characters and their ooc selves) and finds out that the entrance to the batcave is next to a waterfall and magically there and knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and shows up to have a “talk” with him...



Even though Joker-mun can read Batman’s posts, it’s not acceptable for Joker-mun to use that information to get ahead in that manner. Everyone’s personal posts should be that—PERSONAL.

So in essence, villains would be “friends” and heroes would be “friends.” Just think of it like Facebook or Myspace or something to that extent. If you’re not a “friend” of that person, you technically cannot “see” their posts. (Even though you can so you’re not out of the loop within the story’s setting).
There are exceptions to this rule, however.

The exception to the rule would be a sub plot or a “run-in” incident.

For this example, we’ll use Calculator and Barbara Gordon. Say I started an initial post where I mentioned that Barbara decided to get off work early and go down to the donut shop. But while there she bumped into a tall, lankly man with brown hair (Being Noah Kuttler). I would make sure that I left my post open to a point to where Noah-mun could easily respond to the post I created with a response for Noah’s reactions to the incident. However, that would be the only interaction that would take part. He wouldn’t know I was Oracle and I wouldn’t know he was Calculator. He was just a random Gothamite strolling into a store to grab a bite to eat.

Does that make sense?

I know it will once we start getting into things. Don’t sweat it guys!

The Main Plot

The main running plots are the center story arch setting that would affect the entire group should they wish to participate. These particular occurrences will be posted into our community (enter tag here).

Main plots can be discussed on your character journals as well, but just keep in mind scenes where two or more people might want to be involved should be posted to the main community.


Sub-plots will help fill in any lose holes that we might have running around. These sub-plots will eventually help to built your history for your character. Sub-plots, depending on their density, can be posted to the main community.

If it’s a small interaction between say... Nightwing and Damian, then the occurrence should stay on a personal journal, since it IS between just the two of them and is on a relatively small scale as opposed to stopping Catwoman from stealing the latest cat statue in the Gotham Museum.

II. Posting

Posting can be done as often as you wish! There really are no limits to posting. Even if you just feel like announcing that you’ve now got a random song stuck in your head (you being the character you’re controlling) or want to drop by unannounced at a friend’s apartment.

Posting in your journal can be seen in the same fashion as if you were starting a new thread in a RP forum. Only instead of a single topic, you have the multiple option available.

How to post an entry

There are multiple ways to post an entry to Livejournal.
Please make sure that you are on the site’s main page! Which is

1. From the main page, just below your username on the top upper left corner you can click the “Post” button.
2. From the main page, look across the menu bar strip. Click Journal > Post an Entry
3. Download the Segmagic Client! This is REALLY helpful if you have more than one journal, and is the method that I use. You can download the client here:

Once downloaded, and you input your information, the client will open up and you will have the option to type in a Subject, your Main Body, change out your user picture and what journal you want to post to. The Segmagic Client looks something like this:

Once you’re all finished, just hit the big button “Post Entry” and you’ll be set!

How to Post to a Community

When you want to make a post to either our main community or our OOC community, you first must type out what you want to say! Once you’ve completed that task, there should be an option with a drop down menu box that looks something like this:

Or if you’re on Semagic (please see the picture before this one)

All you have to do is select it, and post submit!

If you do not select where you want your post to be direct to (community wise) your post will end up defaulting right to your journal.


Replying is pretty much as what you probably think it is. A response to a post!

The way you reply can also hold an adverse effect on how the tone and mood of your roleplay will go. Considering the journal *is* an extension of the character themselves... there tend to be a lot more first person posts than third person. Though, there are ways to mix the experience. Though, that’s something for your own creative genius to figure out and let your own will to post (or respond) come about.

Replying to Personal Journals

Personal responses to other personal journals can happen if the two parties are considered “friends.” There’s a good chance that Batman and Nightwing would be friends, so they would be able to see each other responses.
However, before you jump to reply to someone’s personal entry, make sure you READ it first. Determine if it’s just a character reaction to an event—something that would considered extremely personal to the character, or if it has a sense of opened ended-ness for a potential character conversation. Though, if you’re not sure and would like to engage on someone’s personal post, don’t hesitate to use the OOC community! That IS what it’s there for after all! Just ask the respected person and you’ll get your answer.

Replying to Community Journals

Community responses can get VERY long winded at times with some of the conversations and roleplaying going back and forth. If it gets to a certain point where you want to make a new post to the community discussing another stage of the event, go right ahead! It’ll keep the story fresh and active and give others more of a chance to jump in and save the day.

LJ Tags

I bet you’re wondering how I’m doing all of these special Livejournal tags and anchor points right?

Let me assist!

For user tags that look like this: _the_oracle_

Use this:

[lj user="username_goes_here"]

Just replace the brackets [ ] with front and back tags < >

For the community tags that look like this: watchtower_e9

It looks like this:

[lj com="name_of_community_goes_here"]

And again, just replace brackets [ ] with front and back tags < >

Now for the LJ cut tags, technically people use this for super, super long posts so as not to clutter one’s friend’s page up with a ton of text, or just to hide a risqué picture or.... something. But anyway. All you need to do to provide that cut is:

[lj-cut text="Text goes here"]

Just replace the brackets [ ] with tags < >.

And when you're finished writing everything within the cut tags, you'll want to end it with:


Just replace the brackets [ ] with tags < >.

Hmm.. did I cover everything?

Have any questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to drop a message and I’ll do my best to assist ya :)
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