Barbara Gordon (_the_oracle_) wrote in e9_ooc,
Barbara Gordon

Welcome to the OOC!

I have to first say, thanks a whole bunch guys for coming here! I know I've bounced you all around from forum to forum over the years.. But I have a feeling that this experience would be a lot different from anything else. The interactions that we'd have here would work on a far greater, and mor epersonal level, plus... something about Livejournal has that... "at home" quality about it.


Quick notes!

In case you don't already have watchtower_e9 added as a friend, please do that!!

Also, make sure you have EVERYONE in our community added as a personal friend on your journal. This way you'll recieve updates when everyone else updates their journals for their characters.

And YES... even villains and heroes can be "friends." However, if you're a Hero type and you've got a villain type added-- please keep in mind that even though you can read what is going on with that character when they write in their private journal, that your character can't KNOW what is really going on with that character. Unless they happen to cross paths at the local coffee shop or something.

When you post to the main community watchtower_ooc keep in mind that you are deliberately setting yourself up for a wide interaction from any of our players.

For those of you new to Livejournal, I want to welcome you!!

And I've also got to set up some goodies for you all so you can make this experience as simple as possible. For those who may end up having 2 journals (character wise) it might be easier if you download the Livejournal client:

This way all you would have to do is type up your journal entry and adjust your subjects, tags, userpics and post it automatically without the hassel of logging onto the website. Though, in order to check the occurances of your fellow RPers and the community, you will need to access your own friends page to make sure you keep updated.

The nice thing about the client is that it will give you a variety of features. Give you buttons for quick adds of LJ-cuts, username and community links, as well as other simple formatting. It comes in handy, especially if you're not familar with some of the LJ lingo and whatnot.

But anyway, I will make sure to list any newcomers to this journal as well as people make their journals and alert me of them.

If you have any questions, please just message me (by any medium you want to get ahold of me) and I'll help you out!

Best of luck!
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